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Welcome to our Anti-Bully Contest Rules Page.  Every day someone is bullied in some form and the Staff of Get Up Radio Media feels that we can make a difference in changing this. We hope that you see our vision and can help us lead the way. 

Winners for all Contests on our Contests Page will be announced on June 30, 2020. Smartphone for Smartphone contest will be leased out through Better Business Promotion Solutions Group. Cruise will be paid for by Get Up Radio Media for 2 cruise tickets or wholesale price if winner request monetary value instead. Winner for Talk Show Host agrees to have Get Up Radio Media use shows and have rights over time of usage.

Rules for Video Contest

1. Must be ages 7 to 18

2. Must be original and either a youtube video or on dvd or vhs tape

3. Has to be about anti-bullying and show it in video

4. If video wins, it becomes property of Get Up Radio Media to be used in future Anti-Bully presentations and events.

5. Winning Video will give creator $300 dollars and will be interviewed on Talk Show on Get Up Radio Media.

Rules for Anti-Bully Song Contest

1. Can be any age to enter

2. Song must be original and about Anti-Bullying

3. Song's creator will recieve $300 Dollars if song is selected and song will be placed on Get Up Radio Media 1st Mixtape to be out in September 2021.

4. Song will be published under Get Up Radio Media Broadcasting Publishing with royalties split between company and song writer.

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