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If you Advertise on Our Website, We will take 50% of your payment and put it towards paying the National Debt.
Plan A Payment towards National Debt
Plan B Payment Towards National Debt

Total Donated to National Deficit through us so far $4.00

Thanks to those who believe in fixing the Defecit and donted to our cause :

1.Masaharu G Tamada

Just Imagine if everyone in the United States of America donated $1.00 dollar to the National Debt. That would be approximately $310,000,000 placed towards paying our National Debt.

America borrows and spends alot of money daily without giving it back to lower our our National Expense. Our Debt was lower in the early years as we were producing products in the USA and buying from ourselves, NOT CHINA or MEXICO, or JAPAN.

We need to focus on the USA and keep our money circulating mostly within our country. Imagine if Banks were making money on that money we donated providing us interests to add to our initial deposit.
You Have 2 Choices to Help FREE USA of the National Debt:


This is our solution towards a short term payment plan of the "The National Debt". You would sign our petition marked "Petition for Plan A National Debt Payoff" and then donate any dollar amount into our account. All money placed into this account would not be used for anything but paying off the National Debt. At the end of the year, one of our Public Media Consultants would fly to Washington, D.C. and hand a check for the total in bank account** to the President or Secretary of The Treasury along with a petition with the list of names of those who helped to make this monetary amount. The money will only be handed off if it goes to pay only the National Debt.

**Due to a need to keep the bank account open accruing interest, we will give a check for total amount minus 20% that will stay in bank account to continue to earn interest for next year.

Please sign the Online Petition being sent to congress at the end of every year with money donated to the National Debt.
Plan B

Every year, Americans file income tax on 1040EZ / 1040 / 1040A Forms. At the end of filing your taxes, you are asked if you would like to donate to the Presidents Campaign, American Wildlife, as well as other projects going on in America.

Why can't we have a section on there to have you donate to the "The National Debt Fund"? Think about it, you are about to recieve income taxes anyway, and the average individual receives $1800 dollars back in taxes. What would $1.00 dollar due to you to donate to the "Pay The National Debt Fund"? There are approximately 306 Millions people located in America. Just Imagine if all donated just $1.00 dollar from their taxes to the "Pay The National Debt Fund", that would be $306 Million Dollars going straight to the National Debt, and we would see the Deficit drop immediately right then and there. Over time, the National Debt would lower giving the United States stability and growth again to :

  • Help Increase Education
  • Help Re-Invest in our Economy
  • Strenghten The American Dollar
  • Put Faith In Ourselves and Our Country
  • Help Save Our Generations to come
  • Help New Companies to Form
  • Help to Strenghten Banks to Loan more money again
  • Help Increase our Defense and Military
  • & much much more ...

Let's make this happen! Simply Sign the Petition Below to make Congress vote on adding this to our income tax forms. Just Imagine...."WE THE PEOPLE" would once again be solving problems as our Fore Fathers did. We would feel proud to know that we are bettering our Country as we still recieve something, not losing anything at all.